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About The Owner

My name is Kayann and, with my husband, we run Hilltop Puppies. I have always loved dogs; growing up we had coon dogs and rat terriers; and in my adult life, my son Levi started raising puppies in 4H. That grew into the business I have today. All of my dogs bring me so much joy, both the puppies & their parents. My grandkids get to help me, and seeing one of my dogs find their fur-ever family is a huge reward. My three house dogs are such a comfort to me, and you never know when that new furry friend is just what that person or family needed. The happiness & health of my dogs is my top priority because they bring me so much joy. My hope is that happiness will be shared with the families & individuals that decide to take one of my puppies home.
Puppy tracks
My husband, Marvin, and I.
I love all of my sweet puppies!
My husband Marvin & I
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