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Our Dogs

We offer a variety of breeds to choose from, in many different sizes to fit every household. All our adult dogs are registered in their breed and kept up-to-date on all vaccinations and healthy dog checks. For current puppy availability, please feel free to head to our Contact page to get in touch! 

Large Breeds

-Bernedoodles (Standard Poodle M/Bernese Mountain Dog F)
-Goldendoodles (Standard Poodle M/Golden Retriever F)
-Standard Poodles (Standard Poodle M/Standard Poodle F)

Medium Breeds

-Cavapoos (Toy Poodle M/King Charles Cavalier F)
-Cockapoos (Toy Poodle M/Cocker Spaniel F)
-Aussiedoodles (Toy Poodle M/ Mini Aussie F)

-F1B Labradoodles (Moyen Poodle M/ F1 Labradoodle F)
-Westipoos(Toy Poodle M/ West Highland Terrier F)

Small Breeds

-Havapoos (Toy Poodle M/Havanese F)
-Maltipoos (Toy Poodle M/Maltese F)
-Yorkipoos (Toy Poodle M/Yorkie F)
-Shihpoos (Toy Poodle M/Shih-tzu F)
-Pekipoos (Toy Poodles M/Pekingese F)
-Toy Poodles (Toy Poodle M/Toy Poodle F)
-Pomapoos (Toy Poodle M/Pomeranian F)
It is tiring being so cute! A litter of goldendoodles.
A sweet little Aussiedoodle
Sweet little Toy Poodles
Two of my mamas. Mabel the Bernese Mountain Dog & Hazel, a Golden Retriever
It's a dog party! All of the dogs relaxing in the sunshine & playing in the yard.
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