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Past Puppies/Reviews

"Reputable, quick response and professional. Also our cavapoo puppy is a great little dog! Thank you!" -Conrad
"We got our westiepoo Maiz here two years ago.Then this last December we got another westiepoo from here so Maiz could have a little buddy. These two are amazing well mannered and sweet boys. I highly recommend Hilltop Lady to anybody that is looking for a dog." -Morgan
"We got our Cavapoo 3 weeks ago and love her so much. She is so smart and sweet. She is already potty trained and knows several tricks. We highly recommend Hilltop!" -Lisa
"We can’t thank you enough! Snowy was the puppy we didn’t realize we needed! We got her for our daughters 8th birthday & she has been the sweetest little blessing! Thank you so so so much!!" -Brittanie
"We got our yorkiepoo from Hilltop and we love him! He’s beautiful, healthy and has a wonderful personality. So thankful!" -Jennifer
"We were very pleased with Hilltop & their family friendly atmosphere. You could just see how much they cared about the puppies and wanted to make their transition to their forever homes seamless. Odie our Pomapoo is such a blessing to our family." -Kim
"We are so so happy with our Shih-poo we were blessed with. They did a fantastic job raising those puppies and caring for them. We couldn't be more happy!" -Jonna
We just received our little guy, Maverick, and we are SO in love!!! Very impressed with the thorough Vet examinations and detailed paperwork that was sent with Maverick! I will definitely recommend you guys to family and friends
"Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts."

Full Circle

It is important to us that our dogs always find their perfect home. We have preciously donated older puppies to the CARES Program in Concordia, KS. They are trained to become therapy dogs and placed with individuals in need. Once our dogs age out of having puppies, they find their very own perfect family. We love seeing where our dogs find a home whether puppy or adult.
One of our Labradoodles, Fiesta, at her CARES Graduation Ceremony.
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