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Our Facility

Puppy tracks
Some of our awesone buildings custom built by my husband.
Our kennel consists of five total buildings to accommodate our dogs. All of our dogs have spacious runs with indoor & outdoor access, with ac & heat indoors. In addition, our entire facility is fenced in so all of our dogs can get out and run & play at least once a day in the yard. We have shade trees, overlook the pond, and the dogs especially enjoy watching my ducks & geese. Our dogs are still 'dogs'. They are with a friend in their run, are fed twice a day, have access to fresh water always. and pens are washed regularly. We have a designated area on site for basic medical care, baths, & nail trims; and for professional vet care all our dogs & puppies are kept up to date on all vaccinations and healthy dog checks. Our facilities are inspected yearly and we must meet the highest standards in order to maintain our license. My husband designed my kennel with the goal of happy dogs, and the ability to give them the absolute best care. I am so proud of the environment our dogs live and play in everyday.
Spa time! All of our dogs get regular grooming to look & feel their best.
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